About Me

“What do you mean, reach for the moon? The stars are way further. Why not aim for the furthest reaches of the universe, known or unknown? Or even better, aim to go there and back? That way you’ll always find a way to never reach your goals.”

Name : Melissa Lim
Gender : Female

Hello, and welcome to my page. I am Melissa, or as my username indicates, The Sparrow Messenger. I write and draw quite often, and this page is where I will post a few things about what I do. Additionally, I may occasionally post about different works old and new, analysing or stating my opinion on these things, likely with a focal point of character and relationships between them. Some of my works will be fanworks, so those will be appropriately tagged as such.

Contrary to mistaken belief, I do not in fact currently take any art or writing course and never have, outside of the basic ones provided to all students. However, I am a Soprano-1 chorister, and am an active classical singer. Otherwise, I am better known as your classic nerd, with a passion for the sciences just as much as for art. I currently take biology, chemistry and physics.

Enjoy your stay!

Writing Style : I personally tend to use the first-person more in what I do, and usually directly address the text to a target marked as “you”, depending on the nature of this essay. However, I will still write in the third-person relatively comfortably, so that style was still appear sometimes. I also write in short disjointed segments of sentences that don’t necessarily follow any grammatical order, which are my equivalent of “poems”, since punctuation and my poems just don’t get along. I’ll always mark the end of each of them with a full-stop, but other than that, the end of each segment will likely not have anything.

Currently Working On : Life of Alicia Hawthorne – Full Length Story // Collage – Pet Project
Current Status : Designing characters’ personalities and overall storyline. // Writing the story to whatever weird direction it takes me.

Drawing Style : It’s usually interpreted as a blend between cartoon and anime, with some being closer to attempts at semi-realism. I’m not very successful on that front. My favourite art materials are graphite and charcoal, especially of the tinted variety, but I usually colour with Copic markers. Sometimes I just draw for the feel of it, so the art isn’t very polished – these are actually very common. Usually I’m drawing humans, because object drawing is still a bit iffy for me, and the same goes for animals and backgrounds. I’m still working on it.

Currently Working On : Orolia Chronicles and Alicia Hawthorne character designs // random sketches
Current Status : Generally a drawing of the outfit and a few comments on each character. // Mostly sketches.