John Egbert!

<Egbert>. About 2 hours, max? Drawn on S Note with a phone pen. 

My tablet pen is still missing, so I can’t make any new digital art. Even so, I still have a small stack of old ones I never bothered to upload, so here they are. This one comes from September 2016, if I’m right.

This is John Egbert from Homestuck, back when my friend first started reading it. I made this as a “welcome/congratulations” gift for her since I love Homestuck, but unfortunately she never actually finished the Web comic. Still waiting on the day they finally release Hiveswap, but I doubt I’ll ever really lose interest in the comic.


<Sapphire-Skye> : Around 3 hours lmao. Drawn on Autodesk Sketchbook using a tablet pen.

I drew her quite a long time ago, like the large majority of a year, but I am still super proud of this specific drawing. And I really love her design, mostly because at the end of the day this is one of my main original characters. Sapphire Indigo Irendahz, or Sapphire-Skye Rose Angellia, is a generic-purpose persona I had used for quite a long time, but eventually she developed to become her own character and I simply had to use her somewhere.

This is her Card!Outfit, which is a mini-universe where everyone is associated to only one of the kingdoms that are represented by suits of cards. Her suit-kingdom is Clover, which is why everything is green.



Poison, it spreads
It infects the best of us
Its bitter taste remains
It stays in life forever

They shot me once with a poisoned dart,
They bound me down with the threads of life.
They left me there to live or die,
I, with no chance to thrive of strife.

So now I’m sick
Sick of this, sick of that
Sick of never being good enough
Sick of always being left behind

The poison has hit,
the poison has spread.
I’d rather die than live like this.


-89 words. May 2017.


The fire you set
It burns, it burns
The scalding flames of love
With every touch, with every lick
It leaves me craving more

But you set it
But you left
Return to me, return
Let me set your heart afire too.

-42 words. April 2017.

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Wait, waiting, waited
The flame glows
Bright, brighter, dark
You cast a heartful shadow

Blue, blue, blue
The fakest shade
The truest love
The rarest dye
The common sky
A sadness, a calm unknown

You’re still blue,
The ocean on a summer’s day
A cooling warmth that can’t be explained
One could drown in the shadow you cast

You still wait, blue,
For a chance to find yourself.

-69 words. May 2017.


I loved you once a billion years ago
But now what I love is gone and with it me
So goodbye goodbye and I’ll see you again
When the stars align and the moon meets the sun
Alas, no more.

-40 words, February 2017


Butterflies, for me, are like curses. Seeing a butterfly was like seeing death itself – they were a bad omen for me, indicating that a moment of twisted fate was about to occur. It had always been that way. I always call it the “butterfly effect”, simply because it is one. At least, for me. Butterflies are the only things I fear.

When I was younger, I loved butterflies like they were the only thing that mattered to me. I would be so happy if I saw one pollinating the flowers, and I’d excitedly call my mother over to see it too. If I had the camera she let me use, I would attempt to take a picture of the butterfly and the flower. It was rare that I succeeded – but when I did I’d celebrate.

And that all changed when the curse came for me. It was an ordinary day, no different from any other. But every bit different from the days that followed it. The butterfly began its reign over me on that oh-so-fateful day, as I succumbed to the power that it held on me.

It was simple, really – a butterfly flitted by as I struggled to stay alive in the cold darkness of the sea. I was but a mere child at a simple summer party, and as per traditions at summer parties in the household, it was held at the beach. So we went like every other year, and all was the same like every other day. But a single push ended all of that, as I fell into the water and struggled just to get out. Yet the tendrils of water held their grip on me as I struggled simply to get up, and flee doom. And yet no one, but a butterfly, noticed any of my struggles. Only a butterfly noticed my pain and misfortune. It was but a butterfly, who could never help me with my problem.

Sometimes, I wonder if I really was supposed to drown that day. Six years later, look at me now. Nothing has changed for the better, not even a little bit. Life is just the same for me as it was for my younger self. Call me a pessimist for all I care, but my version of the world still is the same as it was before, if not worse.

By this point, I almost want the butterflies to come and take my breath away. But the thing about the butterfly curse? It would do everything. Everything but the thing I wanted it to do. So here I am, for the rest of my life. The butterfly girl who fears then more than she fears herself – because really, it was just her fault that everything occurred. It was always much easier to frame something else.

I was always the butterfly who ignored myself.

– June 2016. 478 words.