When I was younger, I played a game.
The rule was simple – solve a puzzle and cut
So I did.

The puzzles were easy –
Rotate a piece, change a perspective
Alternate the boxes, shimmy to the left
Cut away the excess, cut away the inconsequential
Snip, snip, snip
Every incision was precise, leaving only the unfinished.

The game was too simple, I soon became bored.
There was nothing left to cut away, nothing left to change.
I had solved every single puzzle and cut off the losses
All, except one – a simple, the simplest puzzle
For there was no solution.
None, except to lose and admit defeat.

I could not.
So I severed the only other thing I knew to end.

-123 words. December 2017.


DDLC Fan Poem – Natsuki

Natsuki – Jump

Sometimes,I dream that I’m a pony.
As a pony, I like jumping.
So I jump.
I like jumping.

In front of me is a hole.
It isn’t deep, nor is it wide.
So I jump.
That’s easier anyway.

Up ahead is a pile of thin books.
Though there were many, it mattered to no one.
So I jump.
It wasn’t worth fighting against.

After the books came a thorny bush.
Roses grew all over the bush.
So I jump.
I don’t want to be cut on the thorns.

I never know if there’s ground to run on
Or if there’s a trap waiting for me.
I don’t know until I jump.
So I jump.
It’s better than turning around and revealing my fears.

-123 words. January 2018.

Happy New Year!

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Stars – Sara Teasdale

For a little change of pace, here’s an analysis of Stars by Sara Teasdale and a little drawing to represent what I see image-wise based on her poem. Sara Teasdale was a very talented writer, and I truly admire her style. I first knew of her because of Ēriks Ešenvalds, who is a famous choral composer from Latvia that is known in part for his skill in using different kinds of text and wineglasses in his composition. Being a choir singer myself, I’ve come across some of his compositions – Northern Lights, and of course Stars. I wanted to do a little research on the poem itself, as well as Teasdale herself so I could better convey the message of the poem, but as I read more I found myself having another interpretation of Stars. And since literature is all about discussing different interpretations too, I decided to share it.

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DDLC : Monika Fan Poem

I’m inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club. It’s cool, it’s awesome, and if you don’t know about it yet, this spoiler tag is here to save you. Go watch a playthrough, or play it yourself, before coming back here. I’m not responsible for any ruined fun and enjoyment. I’m not kidding around with the tags though, Doki Doki Literature Club is not for those who are easily disturbed or may be triggered by some of the events in the game. Go at your own discretion, and ask someone else if you need. Psychologically speaking, I don’t have any problems, and even I felt a little iffy towards it, so please do take care of yourself. Click on the read-more only when you’re ready.

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DDLC Natsuki Fanart

<Natsuki Sketch> : Done in 40 minutes with copics, this one really light and really nice blue watercolour marker, and micron brush marker. December 2017.

I think it’s safe to say I can’t keep to a theme for more than 5 seconds, so instead have some random art. Natsuki is my favourite of the girls, mostly because she is adorable and needs to be protected. I only drew half because the other half didn’t fit.


December Dailies : Happy (late) Birthday, Harley+English!

<Jade Harley> : About 3 hours. Drawn using colour pencils on paper. December 2017.

I know, only Jade is drawn properly while Jake gets a chibi and that’s it. I didn’t consider space properly. Sorry, Jake boy. I still love you like I love the rest. This wouldn’t have taken so long if not for my inability to focus on anything except the wonderful Love Live! so it’s completely on me. I’ll probably draw Jake properly another time (maybe with Dirk?)

12/3 is the Striders’ birthday, and I promise I was going to make something for it but my drawing tablet computer is perpetually trying to trip me up. Give it a few more days maybe and it’ll be done. I may draw the Lalondes too.

Surprisingly, Jade’s one of the few characters I don’t really heavily ship in any quadrant. I’m still trying to decide between Jade◇Dave and Jade◇Karkat, because the other will have Terezi as their ◇. I lean towards Jade◇Dave though, only because Vriskrezi is suddenly a thing I ship. (GCATAVROSPRITE DESERVES BETTER)


Padparadscha Sapphire!

<Paddy> : About 2 hours, using watercolours and paper. Drawn early when she was just released.

She’s literally me. I don’t do things on time and most of the time I repeat what I’ve done by accident. But more importantly, she’s the cutest of her group and I seriously love her. 

Except her long name, because it takes me forever to spell it correctly when I’m half asleep. I probably spelled it wrongly anyway somehow. 

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