An apple.
Just an apple.
Just one try, just one taste.
I breath in.

An apple.
It’s just an apple.
No one will notice.
I breath out.

The world is asleep, breathing.
The only sound I hear is my own air escaping.
The apple, the lone apple.
That’s all I can see.

Just one apple?

I know the truth.
It’s not just an apple.
It’s not just one taste.
It’s not just one bite, it’s a fall from all grace.

It’s more than just one apple.
It’s the first red apple.
And many more will come, if I only just begun.
I cradle it in my hands.

Now all I see is red.

-113 words. May 2018.



Taken April 2017. White bougainvillea bush.

I personally dislike bougainvillea as a plant. It’s thorny, it’s common, and it doesn’t seem all that attractive a plant in reality. That said, I do appreciate that it’s a nice way to add a touch of colour when almost every other flower cannot, because of its incredibly hardy nature.

The bougainvillea flower is actually a small white bloom in the core of what we know as its “flower” – the bracts are the coloured leaves surrounding it. I much prefer the varieties that have gradiented bracts, though there’s nothing wrong with the simple white ones.

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The roses had withered, their petals all scattered.
The scent had now faded, and their memory waned.
The winter covered their shallow graves;
left me with naught but a bland cold refrain.

But spring came,
and returned me my joy.
But spring came,
And thus sprung forth new blooms.

But spring came,
and spring came.

-55 words. April 2018.


How do you solve an impossible puzzle
like tens and trillions of others have done?
The solution is simple, according to them
Yet the path forward is foreign and blank

“It’s an impossible puzzle!” You cry, much in pain
But the voices don’t listen, they never had ears
You can’t change nature, though change is nature
And the story continues after curtains fall

So how do you solve an impossible puzzle
when the only way out is admit your defeat?
(and even then you can’t claim “the puzzle is solved!”
for you never did solve, you just push it away)

The only real way to solve an impossible puzzle
is to keep trying and trying until you find out,
or to keep failing and failing until you die out.
(But remember, if you do, you still won’t be done –
You never solved the puzzle, you still won’t have won)

It’s an impossible puzzle
But only for you
For the solution is something
You could never achieve.

– 166 words. January 2018.

Everyday Beauty

<Flower>. Taken January 2018 using a (surprise!) Samsung phone camera.

One thing I’ve learnt from my short experience as an amateur photographer is that there’s beauty everywhere. You don’t need to go on a wild adventure, you don’t need to pay a fee, you don’t necessarily even need a professional camera and a trained eye. All you need is your eyes and your heart to be open.

Frankly, I walk past the vines these flowers grow on every single day, on my way to many of my destinations. Sometimes there’s a lot of little pink petals scattered in the splash of green, and other times their white buds have only begun to grow. Every time I walk past it, a new scene unfolds, yet there is always beauty hidden right in plain sight. I walk by and notice that no one even notices it, and no one even tends to it whatsoever. But the vines still remain strong, and they always provide me with something to capture.

There never was a need to go out of your way in search of beauty, and there never is a need to rush so fast that you miss out the beauty surrounding you. Yes, fancy architecture, wild trails and exotic arrangements will appeal to us right off the bat, but that doesn’t mean the same effect cannot be achieved with just the most mundane of things right in front of us.

I suppose the same goes for all of us. We can aspire to be just like the shining stars at centre stage, we can admire actors and supermodels, and we can dream of great wonders all lying just ahead and out of sight. But we must also treasure the things that have become so commonplace for us, the people who show their true inner beauty to us, or even just the normalcy. Appreciate that things change and morph every single passing day, even in the most mundane of ways.

As Henry Ward Beecher said, the art of happiness lies in extracting happiness from common things. Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses. Or even snap a pic.

-March 2018

PS : I want to know what the name of this flower is, it’s really rather charming!


When I was younger, I played a game.
The rule was simple – solve a puzzle and cut
So I did.

The puzzles were easy –
Rotate a piece, change a perspective
Alternate the boxes, shimmy to the left
Cut away the excess, cut away the inconsequential
Snip, snip, snip
Every incision was precise, leaving only the unfinished.

The game was too simple, I soon became bored.
There was nothing left to cut away, nothing left to change.
I had solved every single puzzle and cut off the losses
All, except one – a simple, the simplest puzzle
For there was no solution.
None, except to lose and admit defeat.

I could not.
So I severed the only other thing I knew to end.

-123 words. December 2017.

DDLC Fan Poem – Natsuki

Natsuki – Jump

Sometimes,I dream that I’m a pony.
As a pony, I like jumping.
So I jump.
I like jumping.

In front of me is a hole.
It isn’t deep, nor is it wide.
So I jump.
That’s easier anyway.

Up ahead is a pile of thin books.
Though there were many, it mattered to no one.
So I jump.
It wasn’t worth fighting against.

After the books came a thorny bush.
Roses grew all over the bush.
So I jump.
I don’t want to be cut on the thorns.

I never know if there’s ground to run on
Or if there’s a trap waiting for me.
I don’t know until I jump.
So I jump.
It’s better than turning around and revealing my fears.

-123 words. January 2018.

Happy New Year!