John Egbert!

<Egbert>. About 2 hours, max? Drawn on S Note with a phone pen. 

My tablet pen is still missing, so I can’t make any new digital art. Even so, I still have a small stack of old ones I never bothered to upload, so here they are. This one comes from September 2016, if I’m right.

This is John Egbert from Homestuck, back when my friend first started reading it. I made this as a “welcome/congratulations” gift for her since I love Homestuck, but unfortunately she never actually finished the Web comic. Still waiting on the day they finally release Hiveswap, but I doubt I’ll ever really lose interest in the comic.


<Sapphire-Skye> : Around 3 hours lmao. Drawn on Autodesk Sketchbook using a tablet pen.

I drew her quite a long time ago, like the large majority of a year, but I am still super proud of this specific drawing. And I really love her design, mostly because at the end of the day thisĀ is one of my main original characters. Sapphire Indigo Irendahz, or Sapphire-Skye Rose Angellia, is a generic-purpose persona I had used for quite a long time, but eventually she developed to become her own character and I simply had to use her somewhere.

This is her Card!Outfit, which is a mini-universe where everyone is associated to only one of the kingdoms that are represented by suits of cards. Her suit-kingdom is Clover, which is why everything is green.


Arcadia Sketch

<Arcadia> : Around 2 hours. Drawn on using a mouse.

She’s one of my Homestuck OCs, who acts as the narrator to the actual Foursides crew. I really do love her. Also, I’ve found that having multiple layers is one of the most useful things if you have to draw on the computer, period. This is especially true when you have to use an inaccurate mouse to do everything, from sketching to colouring. It’s easier to just accept having a few mistakes here and there.

Flockmod seems great to use when you want to draw stupid things with your friends or even random strangers on the internet. You’ll also see many different art styles come out.

Agh, why did my tablet pen have to disappear? :C

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<Untitled, Scarlet> : Less than an hour total. Drawn on paper with copics, Pigma Brush pen and a few other things.

I’m surprised how proud I am of both drawings, honestly. Especially since I spent so little time on it. The cartoon one was coloured with some pretty wacky supplies, and much as I hate using crayons I have to admit that it came out pretty good in the end. She looks kind of like one of my other characters, but she doesn’t actually even exist as an independent character with story and all.

Scarlet, on the other hand, is a character that does exist outside of this drawing. She’s one of the characters I used to use in most of my stories, the other being Sapphire-Skye. I draw her a lot less, so I decided on a whim to just draw her anyway. I like the outfit I drew, though honestly I literally have never seen anyone who dresses like that outside of all the movies and games set in schools. Maybe I should interact with other people outside my circles more.

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New Icon Picture!

: 2 hours (rounding up). Drawn using Kleki software (

After mucking about with a mouse and the program for roughly 1.5 hours, I finally got a satisfactory result. The previous icon picture is now used as the little symbol up at the top!

It’s actually surprisingly easy to draw with a mouse, although it’s still much easier to use a traditional pencil and paper or drawing tablet. It’s fun to do when you’ve got nothing better to, though. Maybe I’ll do this again another time. I’m a little irked that, because I’m using the mouse, it’s difficult to do almost anything that isn’t drawing the strokes itself, but the uneven lines that came out from the process has its own charm.

(Yes, this is just generally an “arts” blog – so as long as something falls under that branch (Literary Arts, drawing, etc.) it’s probably going to end up here at some point. The only question is when.)