Poison, it spreads
It infects the best of us
Its bitter taste remains
It stays in life forever

They shot me once with a poisoned dart,
They bound me down with the threads of life.
They left me there to live or die,
I, with no chance to thrive of strife.

So now I’m sick
Sick of this, sick of that
Sick of never being good enough
Sick of always being left behind

The poison has hit,
the poison has spread.
I’d rather die than live like this.


-89 words. May 2017.


Wait, waiting, waited
The flame glows
Bright, brighter, dark
You cast a heartful shadow

Blue, blue, blue
The fakest shade
The truest love
The rarest dye
The common sky
A sadness, a calm unknown

You’re still blue,
The ocean on a summer’s day
A cooling warmth that can’t be explained
One could drown in the shadow you cast

You still wait, blue,
For a chance to find yourself.

-69 words. May 2017.


I loved you once a billion years ago
But now what I love is gone and with it me
So goodbye goodbye and I’ll see you again
When the stars align and the moon meets the sun
Alas, no more.

-40 words, February 2017


I wish you would do something, anything,
To stop my heart for a day
I wish you could hear and understand,
All the things I want to say
I wish you could answer them,
Without me ever telling you
I wish you’d take my breath away,
Do everything I wish you’d do

I think I’m in love with you
But how could I say that?
I’m just another friend to you,
Just another person to you
A cog in the machine of life
Far away, far away from the core you hide

So instead I wish you’d realise the truth
From all the little things I did,
To all the little things I said,
Tell me your answer, without a lie
Give me your reply, the obvious one
Even though it’s “I don’t too.”

I’d forgive you, forgive myself
If you’d only break my heart
Let me down, let me drown
If it ends my sorrow, I’ll take what I get.
I’d have loved you once and lost you then,
And no one is to blame for the workings of the heart.

I wish you’d give me an answer without me asking,
I wish you’d know my heart without me saying
I wish I’d understand what I’m really feeling,
For I love you and I don’t know what to do.
So instead of finding the answer for myself,
I selfishly wish you’d find it instead,
Give me your reply and never turn back.

I wish I was brave enough to tell you all of this,
But of course, I’m a coward
So I wait in the background, watching
I wish I could tell you but I never could.

I’m sorry, so sorry.

I don’t know what to do.

-June 2017. 288 words.

Nine Lives

My first was spent with a kind old man,
My second with abusive children.
My third was killed by a passing van,
My fourth by old age.
My fifth saw a baby’s birth,
My sixth caused another’s death.
My seventh was a stray mess,
My eighth the President’s pet.
My final life – what’s it like?

– 55 words. February 2017.


#1 :

Once there lived a mooing cow,
when the farmer asks “how?”
the cow would moo,
and go to the loo,
so he is locked in a barn now.

#2 :

Once there was a mouse at a dock.
All his life, he lived under a rock.
But a cat that could float,
chased him onto a boat,
and right into the boat captain’s sock.

– 28 words // 33 words. April 2014.


I’m watching you in the golden rain.
The summer’s come with its yellow sun.
Sunflowers bloom in a honeyed train.
Were they always this sickly sweet?

You’re gone now, and with you, its charm.
The colours remain but without the spark.
The summer stays, it does me more harm.
I’d rather go with you than stay here alone.

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow
You’re the colour of an ancient glory.

– April 2017. 70 words.