When I was younger, I played a game.
The rule was simple – solve a puzzle and cut
So I did.

The puzzles were easy –
Rotate a piece, change a perspective
Alternate the boxes, shimmy to the left
Cut away the excess, cut away the inconsequential
Snip, snip, snip
Every incision was precise, leaving only the unfinished.

The game was too simple, I soon became bored.
There was nothing left to cut away, nothing left to change.
I had solved every single puzzle and cut off the losses
All, except one – a simple, the simplest puzzle
For there was no solution.
None, except to lose and admit defeat.

I could not.
So I severed the only other thing I knew to end.

-123 words. December 2017.


DDLC : Monika Fan Poem

I’m inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club. It’s cool, it’s awesome, and if you don’t know about it yet, this spoiler tag is here to save you. Go watch a playthrough, or play it yourself, before coming back here. I’m not responsible for any ruined fun and enjoyment. I’m not kidding around with the tags though, Doki Doki Literature Club is not for those who are easily disturbed or may be triggered by some of the events in the game. Go at your own discretion, and ask someone else if you need. Psychologically speaking, I don’t have any problems, and even I felt a little iffy towards it, so please do take care of yourself. Click on the read-more only when you’re ready.

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What right do I have to drown
when others are in deeper waters?
What chance do I have to soar
when others deserve higher skies?
A call for help gone stale, ignored
Ensnared in a cage my own design

Lifeless matryoshka of wood and ice
Melting, rusting, rotting, breaking
A chance at hope now torn to shreds
Not good, not bad
Not high, not low
Not one will but glance at the now fallen snow

Haunted by a past
Played by a future
Trapped in a now so distant and so cold
It sleeps in a wait of a saviour again,
But nobody came.

Matryoshka, keeper, hummingbird, song.

-108 words. September 2017.



On this stage I stand
At the edge of glory
At the pinnacle of faith
The steps between life and death
I fall back, afraid
Knowing not my place

To which I belong, I ask
The open darkness, the humming light
Both heed not my question
Both heed not my call
Only fate will know
As I begin my song

And suddenly lost again
In the darkness of self
Ever shifting, ever swirling
I sing to my own darkness
And create my own lit path

I’ll climb, I’ll reach, I’ll find
The steps of hope and light
Until I win my place
By virtue, by right
To be by your side once more.

– 114 words. September 2017.



Fire and brimstone
The keeper of the hearth
Ocean of the lava
An infinite expense

Without the hearth
No warmth, no life, no light
With flames overwhelming
It burns, it blinds, it harms

Fire and brimstone
The keeper of the hearth
Braves every flame, every fire
Must kindle every piece, every part
Control the seas, skies, stars

A martyr of emotions and faith now lost
The price of other lives is but one death
The keeper of the fire, the guide to the flames
Devilish hummingbird to maintain the peace

Fire and brimstone
Against ice and wood
The colours of the keeper
The keeper of the hearth.

– 107 words. September 2017.



Helpless, disabled
Drowned in the flood
Calling out, screaming
But who can wake the dead?
Who but the hummingbird who’s trapped in the cage?

Sunshine fades
Darkness drowns
Left behind broken, memoriea
The hummingbird sees; watches; observes
But restricted to a prison, all the pain’s a stake

Two birds in the bush
Worth one in the cage:
If all are unable
To save the darkened rose
A hummingbird worth all, when trapped worth none

The hummingbird sleeps in wake of a new dawn.

-83 words. August 2017.



Now at the start again.
A new beginning
I love you
(That’s a lie)
I hate you

You took my heart away
Spun by webs of lies
A coloured kaleidoscope
The memories I hated
The pain I felt, you took

Yet it’s gone
Replaced but not repaired
By achromatic heart
A chrome-coloured photograph

We each made our mistake
Go back to before
Rewind the tape
Go back to before.

-70 words. June 2017.