Mid-October Update

My examinations are finally over, so I have more time to draw and write. That said, though, I’m not really one who remembers to update my social media (proven multiple times) so posting frequency will most likely stay the same. Sorry.

I’m kind of participating in Inktober? There’s not going to be a single cohesive style I’m using in Inktober because my focus is experimenting with different methods of drawing using ink and markers as my medium. My overarching theme this year is Mythological Creatures, and even if I don’t finish all within October I’ll still continue to do them past October. And, yes, I’m also following the official promptlist as far as I can.

I might have more activities coming up during the Christmas season, due to caroling around the city, but I’ll try my best to at least get something related to Christmas up each day of December until December 25. Try being the keyword, considering my overwhelming laziness.

Anyway, thank you for reading and/or following my blog! I hope you have a great rest of the year.



Homestuck Rosemary

<Rosemary> : About 3 hours. Drawn on Microsoft Paint with a tablet pen.

Guess who finally got her tablet pen back? I started work on this during the so-called “Rosemary Day” on the Homestuck reddit, but forgot about it for a while. It was mostly just to spite this one commenter complaining about how everyone posted “Only Rosemary” on the reddit, even though there was at most 1 Rosemary post per page before they said anything. Everyone immediately took the opportunity to post pictures of the two together. I don’t ship it fervently myself, and even then I still see them as Moirails and not Matesprits, so I don’t know.  I came back only to draw Kanaya, really.

How does one draw a lamb? They don’t have sensible proportions by any means.

(Oops I forgot to write Kanaya’s name as a tag oh well)

John Egbert!

<Egbert>. About 2 hours, max? Drawn on S Note with a phone pen.

My tablet pen is still missing, so I can’t make any new digital art. Even so, I still have a small stack of old ones I never bothered to upload, so here they are. This one comes from September 2016, if I’m right.

This is John Egbert from Homestuck, back when my friend first started reading it. I made this as a “welcome/congratulations” gift for her since I love Homestuck, but unfortunately she never actually finished the Web comic. Still waiting on the day they finally release Hiveswap, but I doubt I’ll ever really lose interest in the comic.2016 - 1

New Icon Picture!

<Untitled> : 2 hours (rounding up). Drawn using Kleki software (kleki.com)

After mucking about with a mouse and the program for roughly 1.5 hours, I finally got a satisfactory result. The previous icon picture is now used as the little symbol up at the top!

It’s actually surprisingly easy to draw with a mouse, although it’s still much easier to use a traditional pencil and paper or drawing tablet. It’s fun to do when you’ve got nothing better to, though. Maybe I’ll do this again another time. I’m a little irked that, because I’m using the mouse, it’s difficult to do almost anything that isn’t drawing the strokes itself, but the uneven lines that came out from the process has its own charm.

(Yes, this is just generally an “arts” blog – so as long as something falls under that branch (Literary Arts, drawing, etc.) it’s probably going to end up here at some point. The only question is when.)