Arcadia Sketch

<Arcadia> : Around 2 hours. Drawn on using a mouse.

She’s one of my Homestuck OCs, who acts as the narrator to the actual Foursides crew. I really do love her. Also, I’ve found that having multiple layers is one of the most useful things if you have to draw on the computer, period. This is especially true when you have to use an inaccurate mouse to do everything, from sketching to colouring. It’s easier to just accept having a few mistakes here and there.

Flockmod seems great to use when you want to draw stupid things with your friends or even random strangers on the internet. You’ll also see many different art styles come out.

Agh, why did my tablet pen have to disappear? :C

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Orolia Chronicles : Myth 1

This folk myth is native to the Srumibanu, or “Lesser-Earth”, region in western Orolia, near the border between Orolia and Scantia Anrenia. It originates from the war during which the two countries split, around 60 years ago, from a small but thriving agricultural town. The town itself is located in a plains and is split between the two countries, and the nearby forest is known to be rich in occasionally harmful wildlife, and is extremely dangerous to travel through alone. Even in the present day, townsfolk still choose to go in groups when they enter the forest, and although they no longer subscribe to the details of the lore, the folk myth is still told to children to prevent them from wandering in.

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl. She was a very merry child, and brought cheer to the villagers wherever she went. Although the town was hit by the war, and distrust amongst townsfolk rose as food harvests dwindled, the young child was willing to help as much as she could. She was willing to share with everyone, anyone, if they even so asked. Her kindness and cheerfulness brought hope to the town, even in the midst of the great war that turned their world upside down.

Now, she lived near the forests, and the villagers would go in increasingly often, as the previously-plentiful plains failed to provide them with all the food they needed, while the war prevented them from outsourcing to other towns nearby. Frequently, they would go hunting for food, and the young girl’s mother was one of their best hunters, due to her skill with the bow. Pitying the poor girl for having to stay on her own and wait, she was allowed to venture into the forest whenever she wanted to, although she never used that right. However, she did spend a lot of her time looking out at the forest instead, and welcomed the hunting party back always with food she made.

One day, while some villagers were out hunting, something caught her eye. A small speck of electric blue descended from the trees, right before her very eyes. And then another, and another, and another, as they cascaded down from high above. No one in the village had ever seen this happen before, and none wou Finding it interesting, she ran out to take a closer look, .

The small specks were in fact fairies, and she observed them with all the curiosity of a young child’s. The fairies were afraid of her at first, but they gradually realised she meant no harm. The fairies decided to show her some things in the forest, and she gradually went to the forest more and more.

One day, however, everything changed. Her mother had died, and in the town, the people didn’t want to take care of an orphan, much less a girl. As a result, she ran into the forest where the fairies greeted her. Telling them of her predicament, they took the poor girl under their charge.

The outside world never heard from the young girl again, as if she just vanished from the earth. They continued with their regular lives, the forest being a commonly visited place, but the citizens began to realise that the young children who entered the forest were beginning to disappear one by one. All those who had been with those children claimed they heard singing from somewhere.

However, the adults began to disappear too. That was when the town decided that the forest was unsafe, and no one was allowed to enter it any more. Most of the town believed that it was that young girl from before’s fault, and everyone hoped those who disappeared did not come to harm.

Now, there are some who say that any who enter the forest would hear the same singing, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a young girl in blue running around. Some also say that venturing in would spell absolute death, as the young girl lured her prey in by singing and did so without fail.

It is interesting to note that in recent years, there has been a rising belief in the interpretation that she is not a vengeful spirit but a kind one instead, especially due to her original nature as explained in the tale. Based on evidence found within the town itself and in the forest, it seems there was an actual event this was based upon – indeed, there are records of the female child’s existence, and it appears that the child herself later ended up in the Demoni caves in the eastern end of the forest and became a part of them. It is not currently known what occurred to her afterwards, as the records afterwards have seemingly been destroyed or hidden. Even her appearance is not known, possibly having been destroyed by her or under her command.

Steven Universe – Here Comes A Thought analysis

UnU don’t judge me, I like Steven Universe, it’s a wonderful concept, and it teaches many important lessons. Anyway, onwards.

So Ruby gets all mad and upset over a single thought, while Sapphire seems unaffected by one but more and more pile on. Connie does the same as Ruby, and based on the end of the episode, Steven is the same as Sapphire.

Ruby is brash and impulsive, and she tends to focus all her attention on a single thing, usually acting out in violence or impulsive anger. Over a single thought, she got angry and overwhelmed. Connie got overwhelmed by the fact she punched a kid by accident, and spent an unnecessary amount of time thinking about it, being mad at herself and generally feeling negative about it. The two let their emotions overcome them, and they lose control over a single thought, but this also means that their emotions are usually easier to sort through – after all, you’ve got but one thought to deal with, and one problem to deal with, think it through rationally and you’ll be fine. Both of them forget that things will settle down eventually, and get super wrapped up in the details they forget about the image as a whole. The important thing for them to do is to zoom out, stop looking at only one butterfly when the image is more crucial, and that although the singular event may be bad, it isn’t the end-all-be-all in everything moving forward.

Sapphire is always cool and calm, but her sadness culminated not in her and Ruby splitting up over different ideals, or throughout the events of Keystone Motel, but when she realised that all the different events were really linked, and just because it’ll be okay doesn’t mean it is right at this moment. She didn’t let the individual events that occurred bother her, and neither did Steven. They both chose to believe it would be alright, although Steven tried to mend the situation. Steven tries his best not to let the individual deeds that his mother seems to have committed affect him, not to let the individual gems’ crimes against him affect him – he optimistically believes that he can change them, and that ultimately, he isn’t Rose Quartz. But the two of them aren’t overwhelmed by a single thought, so they don’t fix it immediately and they choose instead just to keep faith in the future where all is well, and a thought spawns more and more events occur, overwhelming them to the point where they’re drowning and don’t know what to do. By the time they’re overwhelmed, it’s difficult to really solve everything all at once, so they have to remember that the bigger picture is important, but you can only make it perfect by fixing the little details. It may not seem to make a big impact on the overall, but slowly tackling problems one at a time in the present is the key to getting the ending they want.

The two gems and the two humans have opposing world views, and deal with things in different ways, but that’s exactly why they work together so well. They remind each other to take a step back, reflect, and move on. While neither method is perfect, they complement each other even with their differences.

(By the way, our Pearl, Jasper and Blue Diamond belongs to the first group, and Amethyst and possibly Yellow to the second. The difference is that they don’t become overwhelmed in the same way – Pearl and Blue get all teary while Amethyst and Yellow get angry.)


I wish you would do something, anything,
To stop my heart for a day
I wish you could hear and understand,
All the things I want to say
I wish you could answer them,
Without me ever telling you
I wish you’d take my breath away,
Do everything I wish you’d do

I think I’m in love with you
But how could I say that?
I’m just another friend to you,
Just another person to you
A cog in the machine of life
Far away, far away from the core you hide

So instead I wish you’d realise the truth
From all the little things I did,
To all the little things I said,
Tell me your answer, without a lie
Give me your reply, the obvious one
Even though it’s “I don’t too.”

I’d forgive you, forgive myself
If you’d only break my heart
Let me down, let me drown
If it ends my sorrow, I’ll take what I get.
I’d have loved you once and lost you then,
And no one is to blame for the workings of the heart.

I wish you’d give me an answer without me asking,
I wish you’d know my heart without me saying
I wish I’d understand what I’m really feeling,
For I love you and I don’t know what to do.
So instead of finding the answer for myself,
I selfishly wish you’d find it instead,
Give me your reply and never turn back.

I wish I was brave enough to tell you all of this,
But of course, I’m a coward
So I wait in the background, watching
I wish I could tell you but I never could.

I’m sorry, so sorry.

I don’t know what to do.

-June 2017. 288 words.

Nine Lives

My first was spent with a kind old man,
My second with abusive children.
My third was killed by a passing van,
My fourth by old age.
My fifth saw a baby’s birth,
My sixth caused another’s death.
My seventh was a stray mess,
My eighth the President’s pet.
My final life – what’s it like?

– 55 words. February 2017.


#1 :

Once there lived a mooing cow,
when the farmer asks “how?”
the cow would moo,
and go to the loo,
so he is locked in a barn now.

#2 :

Once there was a mouse at a dock.
All his life, he lived under a rock.
But a cat that could float,
chased him onto a boat,
and right into the boat captain’s sock.

– 28 words // 33 words. April 2014.


I’m watching you in the golden rain.
The summer’s come with its yellow sun.
Sunflowers bloom in a honeyed train.
Were they always this sickly sweet?

You’re gone now, and with you, its charm.
The colours remain but without the spark.
The summer stays, it does me more harm.
I’d rather go with you than stay here alone.

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow
You’re the colour of an ancient glory.

– April 2017. 70 words.