Helpless, disabled
Drowned in the flood
Calling out, screaming
But who can wake the dead?
Who but the hummingbird who’s trapped in the cage?

Sunshine fades
Darkness drowns
Left behind broken, memoriea
The hummingbird sees; watches; observes
But restricted to a prison, all the pain’s a stake

Two birds in the bush
Worth one in the cage:
If all are unable
To save the darkened rose
A hummingbird worth all, when trapped worth none

The hummingbird sleeps in wake of a new dawn.

-83 words. August 2017.



Now at the start again.
A new beginning
I love you
(That’s a lie)
I hate you

You took my heart away
Spun by webs of lies
A coloured kaleidoscope
The memories I hated
The pain I felt, you took

Yet it’s gone
Replaced but not repaired
By achromatic heart
A chrome-coloured photograph

We each made our mistake
Go back to before
Rewind the tape
Go back to before.

-70 words. June 2017.


I’m fighting
Against myself
Against a storm
Of emotions, rising, falling
Ensnaring the boar that’s trapped at sea

I’m fighting
Against myself
Against a cage
Of logic, cold, calculating
Restricting me to the song of the sea

A broken marionette
Between light and dark
Between heaven and hell, useless by all means
A memory of glory now lost to the haze
A lifeless doll in limbo

She’s winning
I’m winning
… — …
… — .-. .-. -.–

-73 words. July 2017.

Homestuck Rosemary

<Rosemary> : About 3 hours. Drawn on Microsoft Paint with a tablet pen.

Guess who finally got her tablet pen back? I started work on this during the so-called “Rosemary Day” on the Homestuck reddit, but forgot about it for a while. It was mostly just to spite this one commenter complaining about how everyone posted “Only Rosemary” on the reddit, even though there was at most 1 Rosemary post per page before they said anything. Everyone immediately took the opportunity to post pictures of the two together. I don’t ship it fervently myself, and even then I still see them as Moirails and not Matesprits, so I don’t know.  I came back only to draw Kanaya, really.

How does one draw a lamb? They don’t have sensible proportions by any means.

(Oops I forgot to write Kanaya’s name as a tag oh well)

Undertale Fanart!

<Frisk//Determination> : Around 4 hours spent working on it, probably. Drawn on paper using Copic markers.

I like the concept behind Undertale, and it’s a very fun game. This is the first time I’ve drawn more than one character in the same scene, and also the first time drawing a goatchild thing, so it kind of looks funky. I tried to remove the black line, but it’s impossible. I think some sort of dye got onto the paper and I can’t remove it, so it’s stuck there forever now. The location’s supposed to be the Final Corridor where you encounter Sans, although theoretically it could be the Throne Room too. I really like the aesthetic of the Final Corridor, and it seems fitting to be used as Frisk’s “room” per se in this.

I might make this part of a series of drawings starring the 7 Fallen Humans and a corresponding “boss” monster you make friends with throughout the game. (When I say boss, I mean the main monsters that every player has to fight, not really Boss Monsters specifically.) This probably will be part of the “good end” set.

John Egbert!

<Egbert>. About 2 hours, max? Drawn on S Note with a phone pen.

My tablet pen is still missing, so I can’t make any new digital art. Even so, I still have a small stack of old ones I never bothered to upload, so here they are. This one comes from September 2016, if I’m right.

This is John Egbert from Homestuck, back when my friend first started reading it. I made this as a “welcome/congratulations” gift for her since I love Homestuck, but unfortunately she never actually finished the Web comic. Still waiting on the day they finally release Hiveswap, but I doubt I’ll ever really lose interest in the comic.2016 - 1


<Sapphire-Skye> : Around 3 hours lmao. Drawn on Autodesk Sketchbook using a tablet pen.

I drew her quite a long time ago, like the large majority of a year, but I am still super proud of this specific drawing. And I really love her design, mostly because at the end of the day this is one of my main original characters. Sapphire Indigo Irendahz, or Sapphire-Skye Rose Angellia, is a generic-purpose persona I had used for quite a long time, but eventually she developed to become her own character and I simply had to use her somewhere.

This is her Card!Outfit, which is a mini-universe where everyone is associated to only one of the kingdoms that are represented by suits of cards. Her suit-kingdom is Clover, which is why everything is green.