Scarlet O’Cantor

<Scarlet O’Cantor> : about 4 hours, using copic markers and paper. Drawn September 2017.

Agh, if Love Live weren’t so addictive I’d have gotten what I needed to do done by now. Unfortunately life is like that, so I fail to deliver. Instead here’s some temporary apology art from a while back because I’m about as good in keeping a schedule constant as a random number generator.

Scarlet is an original character of mine – this iteration of her is a hobbyist photographer and rakes journalism in college, so this follows her adventures to make a collage of pictures that hold special meaning to her while still in school. She’s supposed to be a mix-blood Irish/Italian in origin, thus her name. Most other versions of her maintain her short hairstyle and curly hair (if only I can draw that), though she started out as a counterpart of Sapphire-Skye.


December Dailies : Aira

<Aira Genevieve Taylor> : Drawn in 2 hours, using watercolour pencils on cartridge paper.

I know I’m late, but this is December 1st – she’s a character in my upcoming series of short joined stories, also for the Christmas series. It’s not quite Christmas-sy but she’s wearing terrible looking winter clothing (owing to my lack of skill in drawing such clothing) like she is in the story.

She also appears in Orolia Chronicles as Aira Ninfie, a Zeri’ke (the Scantian equivalent to a noble person, based on some historical things) who is set to rule the country. The only real similarity between the two so far is their appearance, and even their clothing is different owing to the differences between modern and fantasy fashion.

Eira means snow, and is Welsh in origin. Aria, which was the other inspiration, means air in Italian but also refers to a song or melody. Both are valid for either version of Aira, so I keep it as such.

Genevieve simply sounds nice, but it means tribe woman. It actually would make more sense as Ninfie’s middle name, but not everyone names characters and children as a significant thing, and Ninfie isn’t going to have a middle name (probably).

I’ll still post one more afterwards.

Persona 5 Panther Fanart

<Ann Takamaki/Panther Sketch> : About 30 minutes with sharpie markers and paper.

I love Persona 5 so much. It brought back all the things I loved of Persona 3, with all its edgy drama. Though I will admit, the story was kind of too flat even with all the overarching drama.

That said, I love Ann more than any of her predecessor Lovers arcana members, because she just seems all round cool. I know her hair is more brown but when working with a limited colour palette, I do what I can.


End-November Update ft. South Park Creek Fansketch

<Creek> : Less than 10 minutes, using charcoal pencils. November 2017.

Look! It’s Craig, Tweek and their baby Stripe (#4)! I think it’s obvious what I ended up spending my November doing – binging Seasons 1 to 8 of South Park whenever life wasn’t in the way, while drawing little doodles of the characters. That’s why I’ve been not updating. Well, other than the general lack of Internet usage for anything other than YouTube, which I’m hopelessly addicted to when I’m not binging some other show.

That said I’m currently working on three main things – The Life of Alicia Hawthorne, a long book which will probably never be completed; a couple of analyses of poems, and drawing in general. Of course, for the former two I need to use my brain and focus which is exactly why it’s not done yet, but I’ll eventually finish it.

In other news, I recently attended a few local events for anime, music and art/writing, and ended up reaping a lot of new goods. But I swear I’ll still do my Christmas series (I’ll even start drawing a few backups in case I forget on the day itself haha).


All Saints Day

Also known as Dia de Los Inocentes, since both fall on the same day.

<All Saints’ Day> : 2 hours. Drawn on paper with micron pens and copic markers.

Happy Halloween and I hope you had a good Hallowtide, with a lot of candy from your trick-or-treating if you still do so. At least, that’s what I would have said if I finished this on November 1st like I was supposed to. I procrastinate even on giving myself my own present.

Every part of her design is inspired by a saint or a Mexican tradition for the Day of the Innocent. The candle and the wax ball are part of the celebrations, wax balls representing a new creation or a new beginning if I recall correctly. 

Her skirt is based on a traditional Mexican long skirt, though modernised because I got lazy to draw the flowers. Red is a more traditional colour, while blue and purple while also used are in this case meant to represent the saints – representing nobility and being expensive dyes for paint in the past, only the richest could afford it for themselves. Lapis lazuli blue is generally reserved for paintings of the Virgin Mary or other members of the church, which also happens be the name of the colour I used. Lapis Lazuli (and Prussian Blue).

Her braided hair is based on Blessed Kateri, a Native American saint. The flower crown has a white lily, the flower given to the Virgin Mary, and represents purity. Flower crowns are also associated with youth and childish innocence, fitting with the Day of the Innocents. White was also worn by Jeanne d’Arc when she fought in the 100 Years War. The book depicts a fleur-de-lis, referencing “The Little Flower”, as well as the Catholic roots of the symbol. Many female saints were skilled writers.



<Biology> : About 2 hours. Drawn on cardboard with copics and marker (which is why the colour is a little more faint).

Meet Rachel Kinsey Darwin, named after three separate biologists. I like to believe that I make the names of characters have some percentage of significance. She’s an introverted lady who likes doing gardening and owns her own complete set of tools for botany, but she generally has knowledge on all kinds of things that are inherently biological.

She’s part of my group of subject characters.


Perry the Platypus

<Perry> : 20 minutes. Drawn on a mini-whiteboard with a few (supposedly erasable) whiteboard markers and Copics. 

I got bored halfway through class one day, and ended up drawing a random ditsy platypus. But we all know any hatted platypus is Perry, so I drew the hat as well. I later tried to erase the whiteboard markers, and it stuck to the board more then the copics (can you believe that?) so I gave up and left the drawing on the board. Luckily it’s mine.

That said, I can guarantee that at least half of the Chinese is correct, even if syntax or whatever is wrong. Individually the words make sense. It basically just says “Platypus Perry”.