Scarlet O’Cantor

<Scarlet O’Cantor> : about 4 hours, using copic markers and paper. Drawn September 2017.

Agh, if Love Live weren’t so addictive I’d have gotten what I needed to do done by now. Unfortunately life is like that, so I fail to deliver. Instead here’s some temporary apology art from a while back because I’m about as good in keeping a schedule constant as a random number generator.

Scarlet is an original character of mine – this iteration of her is a hobbyist photographer and rakes journalism in college, so this follows her adventures to make a collage of pictures that hold special meaning to her while still in school. She’s supposed to be a mix-blood Irish/Italian in origin, thus her name. Most other versions of her maintain her short hairstyle and curly hair (if only I can draw that), though she started out as a counterpart of Sapphire-Skye.


All Saints Day

Also known as Dia de Los Inocentes, since both fall on the same day.

<All Saints’ Day> : 2 hours. Drawn on paper with micron pens and copic markers.

Happy Halloween and I hope you had a good Hallowtide, with a lot of candy from your trick-or-treating if you still do so. At least, that’s what I would have said if I finished this on November 1st like I was supposed to. I procrastinate even on giving myself my own present.

Every part of her design is inspired by a saint or a Mexican tradition for the Day of the Innocent. The candle and the wax ball are part of the celebrations, wax balls representing a new creation or a new beginning if I recall correctly. 

Her skirt is based on a traditional Mexican long skirt, though modernised because I got lazy to draw the flowers. Red is a more traditional colour, while blue and purple while also used are in this case meant to represent the saints – representing nobility and being expensive dyes for paint in the past, only the richest could afford it for themselves. Lapis lazuli blue is generally reserved for paintings of the Virgin Mary or other members of the church, which also happens be the name of the colour I used. Lapis Lazuli (and Prussian Blue).

Her braided hair is based on Blessed Kateri, a Native American saint. The flower crown has a white lily, the flower given to the Virgin Mary, and represents purity. Flower crowns are also associated with youth and childish innocence, fitting with the Day of the Innocents. White was also worn by Jeanne d’Arc when she fought in the 100 Years War. The book depicts a fleur-de-lis, referencing “The Little Flower”, as well as the Catholic roots of the symbol. Many female saints were skilled writers.


<Biology> : About 2 hours. Drawn on cardboard with copics and marker (which is why the colour is a little more faint).

Meet Rachel Kinsey Darwin, named after three separate biologists. I like to believe that I make the names of characters have some percentage of significance. She’s an introverted lady who likes doing gardening and owns her own complete set of tools for botany, but she generally has knowledge on all kinds of things that are inherently biological.

She’s part of my group of subject characters.


<Sapphire-Skye> : Around 3 hours lmao. Drawn on Autodesk Sketchbook using a tablet pen.

I drew her quite a long time ago, like the large majority of a year, but I am still super proud of this specific drawing. And I really love her design, mostly because at the end of the day this is one of my main original characters. Sapphire Indigo Irendahz, or Sapphire-Skye Rose Angellia, is a generic-purpose persona I had used for quite a long time, but eventually she developed to become her own character and I simply had to use her somewhere.

This is her Card!Outfit, which is a mini-universe where everyone is associated to only one of the kingdoms that are represented by suits of cards. Her suit-kingdom is Clover, which is why everything is green.