Wait, waiting, waited
The flame glows
Bright, brighter, dark
You cast a heartful shadow

Blue, blue, blue
The fakest shade
The truest love
The rarest dye
The common sky
A sadness, a calm unknown

You’re still blue,
The ocean on a summer’s day
A cooling warmth that can’t be explained
One could drown in the shadow you cast

You still wait, blue,
For a chance to find yourself.

-69 words. May 2017.



I’m watching you in the golden rain.
The summer’s come with its yellow sun.
Sunflowers bloom in a honeyed train.
Were they always this sickly sweet?

You’re gone now, and with you, its charm.
The colours remain but without the spark.
The summer stays, it does me more harm.
I’d rather go with you than stay here alone.

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow
You’re the colour of an ancient glory.

– April 2017. 70 words.