Everyday Beauty

<Flower>. Taken January 2018 using a (surprise!) Samsung phone camera.

One thing I’ve learnt from my short experience as an amateur photographer is that there’s beauty everywhere. You don’t need to go on a wild adventure, you don’t need to pay a fee, you don’t necessarily even need a professional camera and a trained eye. All you need is your eyes and your heart to be open.

Frankly, I walk past the vines these flowers grow on every single day, on my way to many of my destinations. Sometimes there’s a lot of little pink petals scattered in the splash of green, and other times their white buds have only begun to grow. Every time I walk past it, a new scene unfolds, yet there is always beauty hidden right in plain sight. I walk by and notice that no one even notices it, and no one even tends to it whatsoever. But the vines still remain strong, and they always provide me with something to capture.

There never was a need to go out of your way in search of beauty, and there never is a need to rush so fast that you miss out the beauty surrounding you. Yes, fancy architecture, wild trails and exotic arrangements will appeal to us right off the bat, but that doesn’t mean the same effect cannot be achieved with just the most mundane of things right in front of us.

I suppose the same goes for all of us. We can aspire to be just like the shining stars at centre stage, we can admire actors and supermodels, and we can dream of great wonders all lying just ahead and out of sight. But we must also treasure the things that have become so commonplace for us, the people who show their true inner beauty to us, or even just the normalcy. Appreciate that things change and morph every single passing day, even in the most mundane of ways.

As Henry Ward Beecher said, the art of happiness lies in extracting happiness from common things. Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses. Or even snap a pic.

-March 2018

PS : I want to know what the name of this flower is, it’s really rather charming!