Godtier Egbert

<John Egbert> : About 40 minutes. Drawn on dotpict, an Android app, on phone with fat fingers.

I’m so excited that Hiveswap is out, but I haven’t even bought the game yet. What am I doing, really? Whatever the case, I’m glad I haven’t been too spoiled on it by my fervent following of Homestuck threads on their Google+ (who uses it? me that’s who ::::) ) and by scrolling through the Discord.

Instead, until I get the game and get around to playing it, I’m just going to post art of precious adorkable Heir of Breath. Pixel art is so much fun to make when you have a fixed palette to work with, though I have next to no skill in it. Dotpict is really really useful.

(I actually kind of wish JohnRox became canon but oh well :C )